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Be You, Bee Royal!

The name Bee Royal pays homage to Kirby’s cherished and chosen grandmother, a guiding force in his life and work. With a love of wordplay and royal history, Kirby chose a multi-faceted name, containing much symbolism, for his salon. Bees and humans have been connected for centuries, as reflected in Egyptian hieroglyphics depicting pharaohs as the Bee King. And, being the only sweetener available, honey was a precious commodity available exclusively to royalty.

Everyone who enters our salon deserves the utmost care, through an experience and style that is catered to you.

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Kirby Maggard

Owner / Senior Stylist

Benefitting from Vidal Sassoon training, along with proven salon and business management success, Kirby has steadily gained a faithful following in the world of beauty. 

Inspired to innovate, Kirby keeps in tune with current trends and new techniques, which he swiftly incorporates into learning, to share with his team. His salon philosophy focuses on healthy hair processes and customer service, always with an attention to detail. It’s based on this foundation that Kirby continues to build the overall salon experience and reputation to a high level. Beyond cuts, Kirby also loves to bring forth his creativity to create new looks through color, makeup artistry, and event hair.

Kirby motivates a skilled and caring team, while at the same time hones his own skills as he narrows in on his goals of being a Master Cutting and Master Color stylist. With one salon in Georgetown, TX, and now the inception of Bee Royal in Bastrop, TX, he and the team are on the cusp of more wonderful things to come!